Shipbuilding and Finishing

Construction of cruise ships, passenger ships, ferries, sea-going vessels, river vessels and cargo container ships is one of our main business areas. The company successfully implements ship interior fitting and interior projects.

Floor and Wall Installation

Installation of all types of floor and wall bases and their preparation for finishing. We prepare floors in industrial, public, production and other objects of various sizes: in logistics centres, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, parking and outdoor yards, and etc. PVC floor coverings, carpeting, epoxy and sports coating, floor tiles, outdoor patio floors, installation and fitting of natural wood floor.

Electrical Installation Services

We perform all electrical installation works. Wiring: for electrical outlets, switches, luminaires.


Renovation of indoor electrical installation, outdoor lighting, installation and connection of electrical outlets and switches, installation and connection of luminaires, connection of electrical distribution boards.

Welding Works

Welding is one of the main technological processes used in industry for the manufacture of components and various structures when carrying out wide-profile welding works:

  • Welding works in preparation for electrical installation
  • Welding of various types of plates and pipes
  • Welding of hulls of ships

Object Contracting and Construction

Carry out wide-profile construction works when constructing multi-purpose buildings. The company builds logistics centres, warehouses or special-purpose production facilities by applying the optimum solutions as well as ensuring the highest construction standards. When performing the contracting and construction works for multi-purpose objects, we take into account the needs and desires of each of our client, delivering the results of the highest quality.

Personnel Search and Recruitment

Hiring out of workers, their search and recruitment – also called a temporary employment – is a process during which employees are selected according to the preferences expressed by the business clients. We supervise and control the employment relationships arising on the basis of the hiring of workers. We pay the agreed remunerations to the employees ourselves, and take care of their social security. This gives your company the flexibility to hire employees for long-term or short-term projects without directly employing them at your company.